This is Our Story !

The inception of friendknows is a beautiful serendipity I am Tarun Agarwal, CEO & Co-Founder of friendknows, and I am very excited to share the story of friendknows.  A few years ago, when everyone was in a hurry to head home from work on a rainy day, I saw my friend sit in front of his laptop and diligently read through a lot of blogs and websites.  I went up to him and asked why he wasn’t leaving before it starts raining. He sighed, pointed to his screen and said – “I am trying to setup my new home. I wish there was a simpler way to analyse these reviews. It was so much easier for the older generation to make decisions. All they had to do was just to ask their neighbours, relatives or friends for a genuine and trusted feedback and buy the product or service ” Turns out, he was right! Although we live in an era of convenience and are one click away from information, it is not simple to make an important purchase decision. With the escalated usage of internet,
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